The summer season was a very hot time for our company, not only because of weather conditions and the intensity of operational work.
We have just completed the planned replacement of several dozen trucks in our fleet with the latest DAF 480 FT models.

For many years, we have been pursuing a business strategy to maintain the average age of our vehicles at 1.5 years.
For years, the latest truck models have been not only the basic tool for executing transport orders, but also the company’s showcase.
Vehicles are the workplace for our Drivers who operate the SKAT fleet on roads all over Europe.
The DAF 480 FT model has the largest Super Space Cab on the market, which definitely improves the comfort of using the vehicle.
Our regular analyses show the low failure rate of this model and reduced fuel consumption, as well as a greater operational range thanks to the large fuel tanks.

We invite Drivers to work for us, and all interested persons to develop their careers in the SKAT Group.