Corporate social responsibility


The SKAT Group puts a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, or CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR). Therefore, in our activities we focus on environmental aspects, social interest and relations with our associates. We pursue the CSR policy, among others through:

  • Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management systems

  • Monitoring and reduction of CO² emissions

  • Promoting Eco Driving

  • Investing in employee development

  • Compliance with the anti-mobbing policy

  • Education of youth entering the labor market

  • Sponsorship of sports and cultural events

  • Sponsoring the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals

  • Joining local and national charities

Corporate social responsibility

Chronicle of CSR activities

#GaszynChallenge Campaign

22 July 2020

Thousands of companies have joined the #GaszynChallenge campaign. The idea behind it is to promote charity collections by performing group push-ups or squats.

The #ecoweek campaign

2 August 2019

SKAT employees have often requested promoting an eco-friendly approach. Therefore, we decided to carry out #ecoweek. It was a special week in which we learned to be more…

The Aid Flag has returned from Denali

8 July 2019

A flag with the logo "Explore the world with SKAT!" and the Hospice logo was given to our friend, climber Ms. Lucyna Kołodziejska, who decided to climb the…

Another HR Dream Team award for SKAT

14 June 2019

Receiving such a prestigious award year after year means a lot to us, as our employees are the most important asset at the SKAT Group.

The “Socially Responsible Entrepreneur” award for SKAT Transport

8 February 2019

On 8 February 2019, SKAT Transport received the honourable award of “Socially Responsible Entrepreneur” as part of the “Gdańsk City of Entrepreneurs 2018” Contest.

The Polish Parliament to appreciate pro-environmental actions by SKAT Transport

30 July 2018

SKAT TRANSPORT were on the short list of the final 10 transport companies, nominated for an “EKOjanosik” award.
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