Code of Conduct For Suppliers


For SKAT Transport P.S.A., social responsibility are one of the main pillars of our activity. We are committed to undertaking such actions that will have a positive impact on the environment and to the protection. From the very beginning of SKAT Transport’s operations, we have been stressing that our employees have been and still are crucial to our business success. Apart from SKAT Transport employees, our Business Partners and Suppliers they have a significance as they act on our behalf in the supply chain, in a way becoming SKAT Transport representatives. We conduct business in an ethical manner and expect the same from Our Suppliers and Business Partners. Therefore, we make a meticulous selection of Our Business Partners and Suppliers, placing emphasis on respecting and supporting the SKAT Transport values in this aspect.

SKAT Transport Management.

1. Compliance with laws, rules and applicable regulations

Acting in accordance with the letter of the law are the guiding principle of SKAT Transport. Our Suppliers, irrespective of further provisions of this Code, are obliged to comply with all applicable national and international legal regulations. Suppliers acting for and on behalf of SKAT Transport are also obliged to make their employees aware of the basic issues arising from legal regulations.


2. Human Rights

At SKAT Transport, we know how important it is to respect the individuality of every human being, that is why, we absolutely ensure and support equal
opportunities and equal treatment for every person, regardless of skin colour, race, nationality, origin, political or religious beliefs. We therefore expect identical actions from Our suppliers. Our Suppliers, as representatives of SKAT Transport in the supply chain, are obliged to strictly respect and support the policy of equal opportunities, and to respect human rights applicable at both national and international level.


3. Safe and hygienic working conditions

Our Suppliers are obliged to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions as part of their activities. The Supplier’s are obliged to provide the necessary training on occupational safety, as well as to implement the necessary health and safety procedures. In addition, each Supplier’s are obliged to identify, control and eliminate hazards to the employee or other persons present on the Supplier’s premises.


4. Working hours

Suppliers are obliged to strictly comply with the regulations relating to the employment of employees, applicable at both national and international level. Suppliers hereby ensure that when employing workers their working hours and minimum rest periods are respected.


5. Remuneration

Suppliers are obliged to apply a remuneration policy that takes into account the competences of the employee, so that the remuneration paid constitutes fair
remuneration. The remuneration paid by suppliers should be paid in accordance with the generally applicable legislation, taking into account the overtime earned by the employee and the benefits to which they are entitled. A major advantage, in SKAT Transport’s opinion, is the cases where employees are rewarded by the Supplier for their individual performance.


6. Slave labour and child labour

At SKAT Transport, child labour and bonded labour practices are condemned. Our Suppliers must be guided by the same approach and are therefore obliged not to employ children and to comply with international standards regarding the minimum age of children employed. Furthermore, Suppliers shall ensure that no person employed by them is employed against his or her will. Suppliers are obliged to comply with generally applicable laws in this respect.


7. Mobbing

SKAT Transport has adopted an internal anti-mobbing policy, which every Supplier providing services on behalf of and for SKAT Transport is obliged to comply with.


8. Discrimination, harassment, unequal treatment

The Supplier is obliged to refrain from discriminatory practices towards employees, irrespective of its background, and all decisions concerning employees will be made in accordance with the letter of the generally applicable law. The Supplier’s are obliged to support the values of SKAT Transport and, following SKAT, not to accept any form of unfavourable comments and behaviour with a national or racial basis directly hitting the employee concerned. Furthermore, the Supplier’s are committed to providing equal opportunities to every employee at every level of employment. Suppliers are also obliged to ensure that they condemn any display of sexual activities.


9. Conflict of interest

Suppliers, are obliged to ensure transparency in their relationships within the company and in their cooperation with other Suppliers. The commitment of the Suppliers are based on the assurance that not only measures will be taken to eliminate cases of conflict of interest, but also preventive measures will be taken. Conflicts of interest are primarily understood as situations in which private interests in any way – directly or indirectly – lead or may lead to a conflict with the interests of the Supplier, SKAT Transport or companies cooperating with the Supplier.


10. Anti-corruption measures

The Supplier are obliged to strictly comply with anti-corruption laws in relation to its business activities. Accordingly, Our suppliers are obliged not only to strictly comply with the regulations, but also to ensure and take appropriate measures to prevent incidents of corruption on the part of the Supplier’s employees and entities associated with the Supplier. SKAT Transport strongly opposes and does not accept any form of corruption or bribery and, above all, the offering of any advantage of a financial or material nature in order to illegally influence decision-making processes. The aforementioned restrictions also apply to the obligation of Suppliers to refrain from and eliminate any activities that would be considered to be money laundering.


11. Environmental protection

At SKAT Transport, we place emphasis on taking action in line with environmental protection values. That is why, we oblige our Suppliers to comply with the highest standards of environmental protection, not only by being obliged to take continuous measures to minimise the negative impact of their operations on the environment as well as the impact of our products and services, but also by taking external actions to express our commitment to environmental protection, e.g. by ensuring that vehicles used by our Suppliers meet the EURO emission standards. What is more, Suppliers for whom environmental protection is of paramount importance are particularly sought after by us, and this aspect is one of the main factors when selecting a particular Supplier.


12. Charitable activities

For SKAT Transport, undertaking charitable activities are an important aspect of business, that is why, we regularly get involved in various charitable initiatives. For this reason, when we selecting Our suppliers we pay attention to the fact that they undertake charitable activities. Suppliers who engage in such activities on a regular basis are particularly welcomed and appreciated by Us.