We have brought 3 teams for this year’s edition of Poland Business Run.
We are proud of our achievements yesterday:

SKAT headquarters in Gdańsk – ranked 52th out of 401 competitors.

SKAT branch in Łódź – ranked 167th out of 606 competitors.

SKAT branch in Katowice – ranked 432nd out of 791 competitors.

We continue our training.
See you next year.

Poland Business Run helps to realise the dreams of people with motor disabilities.
The run is a relay race with 5 competitors per team, held simultaneously in the largest Polish cities.
Since the first edition, we have managed to change the lives of 434 people by financing the purchase of prostheses, medical devices and rehabilitation.
The aim of the initiative is not only to support people with motor disabilities, but also to promote an active lifestyle and integration of local community with business.