The end of winter is a great time to awaken sports competition spirit. That’s why we begin every start of the year at SKAT with the Great SKAT Games Tournament, and the winners of individual disciplines enjoy the titles of champions throughout the year.

This year’s tournament is behind us. Time for a quick recap:

6 disciplines
52 players
47 days tournament duration
162 matches
A Few words about the biggest stars of this year’s tournament:

Paweł (guardian of the freight forwarding group) – probably walked through the tournament and reached for the victory in Darts. Defending the title a year ago in the most prestigious WTG discipline is impressive.

Piotr (the leader of the dispatchers’ department)  – in the final of the Billiards, Piotr was already putting his bat down and accepting defeat; a second later, he made the mistake of pocketing the black balls together with the white ball and the title finally went to Piotr. His joy made a significant impact on our Instagram.

Maciej (senior freight forwarder) – a player who takes every match very seriously, and it was visible in the FIFA competition, especially in the final, when despite receiving a red card in 30 minutes, he managed to lead to penalty kicks and win. Wow!

Konrad (senior freight forwarder) – another defender of the title from a year ago. On the last 10 matches in Foosball, counting from the previous two editions of WTG, Konrad lost only 1. He is unbeatable.

Kamila (payment specialist)  – a champion in this year’s debuting discipline – Jenga. Her final matches are one of the most exciting moments of this year’s WTG. Those who didn’t see it should regret it.

Filip (junior freight forwarder) was the title’s third defender a year ago. He fought his opponents, but not only. In Tekken‘s final, his rival had a whole group of fans with him. Still, Philip showed his class and can enjoy the winning statue.

Team Europe won the team classification with 14 wins in 22 matches.