The TSL industry is a real universe where there is so much going on, so to catch up with everything all the time it would require a 24-hour news broadcast. This is why in our cyclical review we try to talk about what is really important; current interesting information, fascinating facts, bombshells and familiarize you with the ongoing legal changes. This week on PT, among others: recently published report comparing the prices of toll roads around the world. Poland was ranked in the world’s top.



Man cooperated with Volvo and Scania. Accused of espionage.


A man was arrested in Sweden and was accused of spying for Russia. Based on the news widely discussed in the media, it appears that 47-year old man was supposed to emit data and valuable information while working as a consultant for two Swedish automotive giants, specialising in the production of trucks – Volvo and Scania. Swedish law enforcement agencies were to catch a man in the act when he collected remuneration for the information provided from a Russian diplomat. The Swedish Prosecution Office informed that by conducting industrial espionage, the man not only exposed Scania and Volvo, but also the Swedish state, to losses.


Truck driver lost his job for not wearing a mask in the cab.


While working in the Isles, the driver was dismissed under circumstances that are considered controversial. While staying in the cabin, the man refused to wear a mask used as a means of prophylaxis limiting the transmission of the coronavirus. Following the unlawful dismissal, according to his opinion, the driver decided to sue his employer, arguing that the cab of the vehicle is nothing but his home, and therefore there are no restrictions in this respect. The court has just dismissed the claim, granting the right to the company’s management. In the course of the proceedings it was explained that when visiting the sugar mill, being an important partner of his employer, the driver ignored the requests of factory workers asking him to wear a mask. The man believed that he did not have to do it if he stayed in his cabin. However, the Court did not agree to it and decided that the employer did not break the law by making a decision to dismiss the employee. The Carrier, for whom the man was employed, stated that by not respecting the requests of the sugar mill employees, has compromised good relations between the company and the sugar mill. The Court has determined that the employer had the right to lose confidence in the driver.


More and more women drive large vehicles


The number of women sitting behind the wheel of large lorries is continuously growing. And according to the forecasts, this trend will continue to grow in the following years. In the near future, ladies in some countries will constitute quite a large group performing this profession. In Denmark, it is estimated that in the next decade, approximately 10% of HGVs will be driven by women. If these predictions are true, this will mean that their number will increase in this country five times in the next 10 years. Many women view this profession as attractive and want to fulfil their dreams. Experts recognise that the belief that it is a physically demanding job, and therefore reserved exclusively for men, is a thing of the past. Many have changed in this field thanks to, among other things, the technological revolution that has taken place when it comes to this segment of vehicles. But Denmark’s not the only one. Women are doing well in this business in many other countries, also in Poland, which can be seen even through the growing numbers of vlogs run by passionate women, who drive large trucks in different parts of the world on a daily basis.


Man kept on driving instead of having a rest. A huge fine.


A lorry driver detained by the Road Transport Inspection officers from Białystok is facing severe consequences. A citizen of Lithuania who was carrying out transport of cargo (fresh flowers) from the Netherlands to Russia, seriously and repeatedly violated the provisions concerning admissible working time. The records indicate that the applicable standards have been violated over a dozen times. It was determined that the driver did not take a week-long holiday leave and was carrying out the transport work during that time. The driver, who received 12 fines for the total amount of PLN 5.4 thousand, was not the only one held liable. The transport company to which administrative proceedings have been initiated must will also have to face the consequences. The inspectors have received a bail in the amount of PLN 14 thousand for the future penalty (PLN 12,000 to the carrier and 2 thousand to the transport manager). The driver was not allowed to continue travelling.


Expensive Polish motorways


It is no secret that Polish highways are not the cheapest. The report published just by Budget Direct shows that it can be much worse in this respect than some people think. According to the ranking prepared by the insurer it appears that the highways around the Vistula are among the most expensive ones in the world. Poland takes a high, sixth position in the list taking into account the average travel price on toll roads (average PLN 32.80/€7.23). More expensive roads are only found in: Switzerland, Austria, the Faroes, Croatia and in Denmark. A section of the A2 motorway located in Poland (between Świecko and Konin), was also listed in the Budget Direct’s ranking of the most expensive toll roads in the world (PLN 84/€18.53), accompanied by such routes as the Pennsylvania Turnpike (USA, €93.24, 1st place), the Great St Bernard Tunnel (Switzerland, €28.95, 6th place) and Storebæltsbroen/Great Belt Fixed Link (Denmark, €17.48, 11th place).


Giant order from Grimaldi Lines

The Italian Grimaldi Group has just ordered up six new ships. They will be constructed at the Hyundai Mipo shipyard in South Korea. As a result of the signed contract a new type of ship – G5 – will be introduced to the Italian shipowner’s fleet. The ships will constitute an expansion of the existing G4 series (delivered in 2014-2015). Each of the new multifunctional ro-ro units will be 250 m long, with a 4700 m long cargo belt for rolling loads, 2500 CEU (Car Equivalent Unit) and 2000 TEU. The contract value exceeds $500 million and deliveries of the first completed vessels are planned for 2023.


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Kuba Zając