DAF tractor units have accounted for a significant part of the SKAT TRANSPORT fleet for a number of years.

“We have been using DAF vehicles for over a decade. Over this period, several hundred DAF tractor units, all in orange, have been transporting our freight. Our company analyses every journey the vehicles make and takes into account the economic, technical, ecological and aesthetic parameters – all which influence our decisions about what makes and models of tractor units that we buy.

Under our company’s long-term business strategy, we maintain a modern fleet of vehicles that is fully reliable in fulfilling all orders from our national and our international partners. All of the new tractor units are equipped with more economical and ecological engines that meet the EURO6 standard. In order to reduce fuel consumption, all tractor units are equipped with fuel tanks that halve the total weight of the vehicle. The DAF 460 FT is fitted with the largest market-available cab – the Super Space Cab. The cab is, after all, the workplace for our drivers. When it comes to this model, the cab is equipped with new ergonomic seats and a more comfortable drivers’ rest area. The vehicles have been fitted with modern telematic systems: TX SKY on-board computers and scanners that form part of the real-time Fleet Management System,” says Waldemar Łazarczyk, President of the Management Board of SKAT Transport.

The SKAT TRANSPORT fleet is a showcase of our company. The modern design DAF 460 FT is branded with the jubilee logo which, along with new tarpaulin covers, creates the coherent and characteristic image for our company that we have been developing for 25 years.