The Manhattan Business awards ceremony took place on 17 October in Gdynia, with SKAT Transport being recognised for its activities.

The Manhattan Business awards certify the application of good business practices, and are given to companies who govern their day to day operations using high moral standards while at the same time establishing a strong market position.

This is how modern business people think and behave – they not only aim to gain advantage over their direct competitors, they also have a sense of social responsibility and wish to influence the quality of the world economy.

Nominees for the award should strive to promote business ethics among the world’s entrepreneurs, including such values as respecting the law, integrity, transparency and responsibility in conducting a business. The ethical code should encourage all participants to practice corporate social responsibility.

The jury, consisting of expert representatives of global companies and institutions, assesses the competitors according to the following: setting goals not related to profit, respecting customers, caring for employees, involvement in social issues, and protecting the environment.