The TSL industry is a real universe where there is so much going on, so to catch up with everything all the time it would require a 24-hour news broadcast. This is why in our cyclical review we try to talk about what is really important; current interesting information, fascinating facts, bombshells and familiarize you with the ongoing legal changes. This week will talk, among others, about Britain’s planned drastic increase in penalties for bringing in illegal immigrants.



Purchase of e-TOLL devices on preferential terms?

It is possible that entrepreneurs and drivers preparing to implement a new e-TOLL collection system will be able to benefit from discounts when purchasing the equipment required to operate the platform. It includes OBU or location devices that communicate with GPS satellites. Satellite navigation is the foundation of the system’s operation. The Ministry of Finance has made a proposal to carriers. The assumption is that in the current year they could deduct from income the costs incurred to equip vehicles with the necessary instruments. The maximum discount would be PLN 500 net per vehicle. It should be noted that it will also be possible to pay the fee through a special app. Then the purchase of an additional device will not be a necessity. The e-TOLL system will be launched in June this year.


More inspections in Europe

The current week (10-16 May) is a time of intensified inspections carried out across Europe by Roadpol. Under the “Truck&Bus” campaign, officers from the EU countries and other affiliated countries (e.g. Norway, Turkey, Switzerland) pay special attention to trucks, vehicles designed for transporting dangerous goods, and buses. During the inspection, traffic police officers check compliance with regulations and vehicle condition, check the tachographs and carefully examine documents. An important element of this initiative is also the evaluation of drivers’ condition (sobriety, psychophysical condition). This is another such campaign conducted by Roadpol this year. Similar activities were also held in mid-February. One of the main objectives of similar campaigns by Roadpol police officers is to improve road safety.


Fight to improve safety on Polish roads

The improvement of the situation on roads is also a continuing task of GITD inspectors. Unfortunately, there are still many interventions resulting in fines or requests for the initiation of administrative proceedings. One of such inspections ended with preparation of documentation that may lead to imposing fines on the entrepreneur for 54 thousand in total! Irregularities were found during the intervention in Katowice. Two vehicles belonging to the carrier were incorrectly marked, and additionally the permissible total weight and axle load were significantly exceeded. Meanwhile, the inspectors in the Lubuskie and Wielkopolskie voivodeships were forced to withdraw from service two vehicles with broken brake discs. In both cases, registration cards were retained and proceedings were initiated against entrepreneurs owning the vehicles. In Wielkopolskie Voivodeship the officers of the Road Transport Inspection have also intervened against drivers who tampered with the devices responsible for working time measurements. One of the drivers used someone else’s card, and moreover in his vehicle there was a magnet for cheating the tachograph. The driver could also switch the device to “rest/break” mode at any time. Another driver controlled in this voivodeship used his boss’ card, and another have regularly avoided logging in his card or used the “out” mode during while driving. The driver stopped in Mazovia not only misoperated the tachograph, but also used a truck with an incomplete brake system.


Lower fines in Denmark

The Danish parliament has voted new rules on paying fines for parking too long. This information is particularly important for carriers – also foreign ones. Thanks to the new regulation, the fine for parking a truck in Denmark for too long will be halved. Instead of previous DKK 2040 (Danish krone), it will now be DKK 1020 (PLN 623). There is one condition. The ticket must be paid within five days from its issue. Under the new regulations, the discount will also apply if the fine is paid within 6 to 24 days from the ticket issue date. In such a situation, drivers and carriers can receive a 25 percent discount. The fine will then be DKK 1530 (PLN 935). The new regulations are due to take effect on 1 July. Their introduction is to contribute to an increase in the collection of fees. In Denmark, a fee for parking too long is imposed on entrepreneurs and drivers who exceed the allowable limit of 25 hours.


Higher penalties for bringing immigrants into the UK

The UK Government wants to raise the penalties for bringing illegal immigrants to the Isles. This may hit hard drivers, entrepreneurs and the entire transport industry. Currently, such a fine is GBP 2,000 per person brought in. Once the regulations change, it is expected to increase drastically. It will also affect truck drivers when they unwittingly transport people who illegally get into the vehicles driven by them. It will also apply if the vehicle is protected against illegal access. Additional penalties would be introduced for improper protection of vehicles. These could be imposed even when inspection services do not identify any illegal immigrants in the vehicle. Much more drastic sanctions are planned for drivers who knowingly let illegal immigrants into their vehicle. According to the presented proposals, it could be even a life sentence. The draft has already been protested by entrepreneurs and associations operating in the UK.


Increasing opportunities on routes from/to Ireland

Since Brexit, the transport opportunities on ferry routes to/from Ireland have been steadily growing, as we have regularly informed on our website. New entities regularly appear on the lines, and the existing carriers offer additional transport options, like CLdN has done just now. The shipowner has announced an increase in the number of runs between the mainland and the capital of Ireland. Probably from the 20th week the number of cruises on the Zeebrugge-Rotterdam-Dublin route will increase to ten weekly (in each direction). The company said that this is how it responds to the ever-growing demand on this route. The information provided by CLdN came shortly after Grimaldi Lines’ decision. The Italian giant will also offer transport on the Ireland-continent route (Antwerp-Cork). Stena Line and DFDS already operate on this market. More information from the ferry industry can be found HERE.


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