The Christmas season is not only connected with the entire company’s extra work due to it being the end of the year, but also with preparations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, as well as actions aimed at helping people in need.

In December, thanks to the common efforts of our Employees and the company’s Management Board, we managed to:

  • – collect and donate cleaning products, sweets and toys as well as help financially to organise Christmas Eve in the Pomeranian Hospice for Children
  • – donate sets of sweets and toys and several computers to families in the Kościerzyna district within the annual campaign “Paczka ostatniej szansy” (Last Chance Package)
  • – collect, buy and donate pet food from veterinary lines to animals in the “Promyk” animal shelter
  • – collect clothes for families that suffered from the effects of the powerful storm in Kaszuby
  • – donate Christmas packets with sweets prepared by our company to the Special Educational and Rearing Centre in Słubice
  • – buy and donate set books to a small school library in the neighbouring town of Miszewo
  • – and, traditionally, support the “Ja Też” (Me Too) Foundation by collecting money in a Christmas box

We believe that our efforts cheered up all those people covered by our help similarly as in previous years.
May the New Year bring you all the best and give us more opportunity to help people in need.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!