The SKAT Transport transportation base was constructed back in 2005 near the Polish-German border, an excellent location for vehicles carrying international shipments.

Due to our dynamic growth, 25 years of experience and continuously upgraded vehicle fleet, we needed to modify the infrastructure and architecture of the base buildings. The modernisation project was completed at the turn of 2017. It involved the construction of a new building with modern, air-conditioned interiors that now house the transportation & forwarding and fleet maintenance departments. The communications network, the data processing and storage systems have also been upgraded. To improve drivers’ comfort, new rest and refreshment facilities have also been arranged with comfortable rooms, showers and a community area. At the reconstructed fuel station, most equipment has been moved underground and the utility system for the whole organisational unit has been modernised as well.

Overall, the whole base has a more modern look now and provides drivers with a higher level of comfort.